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The Epigraphic Society is a private, non-profit, tax-exempt public foundation organized solely for educational and scientific purposes. It is dedicated to the discovery, preservation, investigation, and decipherment of ancient inscriptions, wherever found, and to publishing decipherments, research materials, and other significant data relative to epigraphic sites or illuminating epigraphic problems, in its journal, The Epigraphic Society Occasional Papers (ESOP). Research into the disciplines of ancient chronology,  ethnography, archæoastronomy, geology, geography, archæology, and other potentially related areas are also encouraged.

The Society is concerned with the critical evaluation of proposed ideas and recognizes the need for academic exchanges. In addition to publishing ESOP, it encourages scientific meetings and debates relating to its purposes, and also encourages other publications which serve to present and honestly discuss new ideas and concepts.

The Society is also concerned with preserving library, research, and other archival materials developed while pursuing the goals stated above. 

In accordance with the above, the Epigraphic Society will accept gifts, legacies and donations from private or public sources to carry out its stated goals.  

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