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The Epigraphic Society was founded in Arlington, Massachusetts, on 4 July 1974 by the late Professor Barry Fell of Harvard University, his wife, Rene Fell, and their good friend Peter Garfall. Four others who were not present at the initial organizational meeting, but who had been closely involved with Fell in his epigraphic researches, were named as members in absentia. Among those four was Professor Norman Totten of Bentley College, who was in Paris at the time. This initial founding meeting was followed by a more formal meeting on 9 November 1974 at which officers were elected and rules were adopted. Fell was named President of the Society, Totten was Vice President, and Rene Fell was its first Secretary.

Since Fell's researches at the time were focused on Polynesia, the Society was first known as the Polynesian Epigraphic Society, but the international ramifications of Fell's epigraphic research and the response from scholars throughout the world mandated a change and, in early 1975, the Society took its present name. The journal of the Society, ESOP, is shelved in the libraries of a number of universities and research organizations in the United States and worldwide.

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