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The term “member” refers to a current subscriber to the publication of the Society: ESOP. Membership categories are as follows: 1) Regular; 2) Contributing; 3) Patron; 4) Life; and 5) Honorary. A person or an organization may, if they so choose, subscribe to ESOP and not be considered a member of the Society. Contributing and Patron memberships are honorary designations given to subscribers who are also donors. A Contributing member will be recognized as such for one year. A Patron will be recognized for a longer period, to be determined by the Board upon assessment of the worth of his or her donation.  Life memberships are granted on the payment of a life subscription fee determined by the Board and continue for the life of ESOP or the individual, whichever ends first.  Honorary memberships may be granted to deserving individuals by a resolution of the Board, in which event subscription charges to ESOP will be waived.

The Board of Directors of the Epigraphic Society may, from time to time, recognize outstanding achievement by an individual by declaring that individual to be a Fellow of the Epigraphic Society. This is a reward for merit and no additional benefits accrue.

Membership does not include the right to vote. Voting members consist solely of the members of the Board of Directors of the Epigraphic Society, excluding Honorary Board members.  


The Epigraphic Society has no chapters. At one time, in the early years of the Society, independent chapters were formed by individuals who stated that they had goals similar to those of our Society.  The founder of the Society, Dr. Barry Fell, made it clear that these organizations were completely separate and independent organizations and could not speak or act for The Epigraphic Society, although he was willing to list them in the publication in case subscribers might wish to contact an independent local organization. We reaffirm that position. While members are free to establish their own regional societies or special-purpose organizations with their own organizational structure and publications to deal with their particular needs, they are not to claim affiliation with the Epigraphic Society, use the Society’s mailing list, or use material published by the Epigraphic Society without the permission of the authors, and the Editor. The Epigraphic Society bears no responsibility whatsoever for the actions or stated opinions of other societies, organizations, or individuals, that may claim to act or speak in the name of the Epigraphic Society.

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