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Volume 9/2


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Table of Contents, Vol. 9/2, 1981

Archaeologic Maize in Colombia? (6 pp) Edgard E. Torres 9/2-p 121

An investigation of the origin of corn.

An Inscribed Tablet from Newberry, Michigan (5 pp) Henriette Mertz 9/2-p 127  

The tablet was found in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and is now missing. It is one of numerous inscribed artifacts allegedly discovered in Michigan.

Decipherment and Translation of the Newberry Tablet from Northern Michigan (5 pp) Barry Fell 9/2-p 132  

Fell describes it as an omens text which invites comparison with Cherokee, Hittite, Cypro-Minoan and the language of the Phaistos Disk. A graphic of the inscription is shown and Fell offers a decipherment.

Potsherds from Mogador, Morocco VIIc BC-IVc BC (11 pp) Gertrude Johnson & James P. Whittall 9/2-p 137

Mogador is an island off the coast of Morocco. It held Phoenician- Carthaginian settlements.

Reminiscences (7 pp) Robert Logan 9/2-p 148  

The author gives his experiences in WWI and talks of his continuing study of the Cree culture and language.

Was Bel a God in Ilios? (2 pp) Bruce Macdonald 9/2-p 155

A small terra cotta object excavated by Schliemann appears to bear B-L in Ogam (read right to left). A graphic of the artifact is shown.

Elephant Mound in Iowa (1 p) Robert Moline 9/2-p 156

The author recommends that we see p. 45 of The Iowa Effigy Mound Manifestation: An Interpretive Model by R. Clark Mallam.

They came in Ships (2 pp) Gloria Farley 9/2-p 157

A reprint of the author's article in Oklahoma Today.

Moonwatching (Part 2) (16 pp) Charles C. Fulton 9/2-p 159

This ends a series on Archaeoastronomy.

A Celtic Frontier Site in Colorado (3 pp) Phillip M. Leonard & James L. Glenn 9/2-p 175

An ogam inscription on a rock overhang. A graphic of the inscription is shown. Barry Fell deciphers it using Old Irish.

0gam on the Susquehanna (2 pp) Gail & Steven Strake 9/2-p 178

A report on two inscribed stones at the Eschelman site in Lancaster Co., PA; also a similar stone at the Pennsylvania State Museum.

An Asturian Celtic Glossary (4 pp) Jesus Lopez Pacios 9/2-p 180

A glossary of Galician and Gaulish words with English equivalents.

A Preliminary Decipherment of the Glozel Inscriptions (23 pp) Donal Buchanan 9/2-p 184

A history of the discovery of the site and the author's suggested decipherment of the inscriptions using Semitic language.

The Dilmun Civilization Evidence of the Seals on Trade and Economy (7 pp) Ali-Akbar H. Bushiri 9/2-p 207

A discussion of the evidence for Dilmun including seal inscriptions.

Animals on the Seals of Dilmun (7 pp) Ali-Akbar H. Bushiri & Gertrude Johnson 9/2-p 216

It is suggested that the seals provide "an encyclopedia of the history of Dilmun." He analyzes the seals in detail. Illustrated by Johnson.

On the Cover

A graphic of the Seal of the Society is shown. The title of the volume is given: Glozel and Other Decipherments.



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