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Volume 9/1


Epigraphic Society Occasional Publications

Table of Contents,Vol. 9/1, 1981

Society of Basque Studies and the Anglo-American Basque Studies Society (1 p) 9/1-p 8

These societies have recently been organized at Indian University and at the University of Nevada. A list of scholars from 28 different institutions of higher learning who recommend the societies is given.

Earlier Than You Think (1 p) George F. Carter 9/1-p 13

An ad for Carter's new book on the prehistory of man in the Americas. Biographic information on Carter is given.

Archeology and Epigraphy In America (8 pp) Norman Totten 9/1-p15

Totten introduces the theme for discussion by a panel of scholars in the following article.

Discussion (14 pp) Stephen Williams, Marshall McKusick, Imanol Agiré, Gordon Willey, Thomas Webster, Robert Marx, Linus Brunner, Barry Fell, Clifford M. Gordon, Chief ShupShe, Robert Vincent, Peter Frawley, Ruth Hale Oliver, C. Lamberg-Karlovsky, Aurelio Tio, Fernando Espinosa, Jenifer Marx, Dean Snow, Geraldine Caballero, Stephen Laurent, Robert Logan, Glyn Daniel, John Carlson, Pennar Davies, Elizabeth R. Sunderland, Alexander Thom, Clemencia Plazas, Ana Maria Falchwtti de Saenz, Edgar Ephren Torres Mosquera, Jacques Touchet, & Linsay Beamer 9/1-p 23

The above panel of scholars discuss the pros and cons of ancient Old World contact with the New World.

The Origin of Writing and of Language (19 pp) Imanol Agiré 9/1-p 37

He concludes that cave paintings were by paleo Basques and that the "Iberic" script is a variety of an ancient Basque syllabary.

Rediscovering the Rhaetic Language (6 pp) Linus Brunner 9/1-p 56

The language of some ancient peoples of the Swiss and Austrian Tirol may contain very ancient words.

Statistical Analysis In Decipherment Procedures (5 pp) A. T. Potjer 9/1-p 62

An analysis of Fell's decipherment of Linear A.

Georgian Language and Lexicography (4 pp) Eugene E. Pantzer 9/1-p 67 

An introduction to the history of the language of the Georgian SSR.

Epigraphic Research in America: Reply to Archeologists’ Denunciations (45 pp) Norman Totten 9/1-p 71

Totten gives a reasoned consideration and rebuttal of claims of archaeologists who deny the reality of New World epigraphy.

On the Cover

A graphic of the Seal of the Society is shown. The title of the volume is given: Archaeology and Epigraphy - Confrontation in America.


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