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Volume 7/2


Epigraphic Society Occasional Publications
Table of Contents, Vol. 7/2, 1979

Inhaltsverzeichnis vorheriger ausgaben (3 pp) Helke W. Phelps 7/2-p 119
German language summary of the contents of
back issues of ESOP.

Ancient Greek in Malayo-Polynesian languages (3 pp) Linus Brunner 7/2-p 123
Suggests Greeks were among the Libyan crews who traveled the Pacific.

Cuna-Mediterranean Parallels (1 p) Clyde Keeler 7/2-p 125
Connections to Egyptian religious motifs.

Pope John Paul II, a distinguished Polish linguist (1 p) 7/2-p 126
Elected Pope John Paul II 17 Oct 1978.

Ancient Diamond Miners in South Africa (7 pp) Brenda Sullivan 7/2-p 127
Petroglyphs and artifacts left by ancient miners.
Petroglyphs and artifacts left by ancient miners.

Exploring Northern New Jersey (8 pp) William P. Child 7/2-p 134
Child p 134
Sacred sites in the Ramapo Mountains of NJ (Hemlock Hill, Rock Pile, Tripod Rock, Sacred Mesa).

"Root Cellar" in Vermont Carbon-dated to 545 A.D. (1 p) James P. Whittall II  7/2-p 142
Carbon date from Richards Site, Putney, Vermont Stone Structure = 545 AD plus/minus 190 years.

Prepositions in Hieroglyphic Micmac (3 pp) Barry Fell 7/2-p 143
Signs are derived from Egyptian Hieroglyphic and Hieratic scripts.

Micmac Manuscripts (20 pp - 5 + 15) Barry Fell 7/2-pp 146, 167
Relates the signs to Egyptian Hieroglyphs. Kyrie Eleison, Agnus Dei and Gloria in Micmac.

South to Eldorado (3 pp) Norman Totten 7/2-p 151
Relates Totten's visit to Mexico and San Blas Islands in search of "Epigraphic Gold."

An Ancient Libyan Epitaph from Nubia (3 pp) Barry Fell 7/2-p 155
Rupestral Libyan inscription in Arabic from Khor Kilobersa, Nubia (reads R-L, bottom to top).

Zulu and Ashanti Symbols (2 pp) Brenda Sullivan 7/2-p 158
Zulu symbols carved on love pendants; Ashanti Akua'ba figures similar to Ankh and Tanith.

An Interview with Barry Fell (7 pp) NE Social Studies Bulletin 7/2-p 160
Reprinted from the New England Social Studies Bulletin, Fall 1978 (Jefferson Co., PA, inscription shown).

Inscribed Stones from Kent County, Michigan (5 pp) E.R. Moore 7/2-p 182
Zoomorphic (bird effigy?) stones found in Solon Township, Kent Co., MI, bearing possible writing.

Ancient Celtiberian and Mediterranean Peoples in the New World (3 pp) Roberta C. Smith 7/2-p 190
Brief review of sites showing Old World-New World contact before Columbus.

Decalogue Tablet, Newark, Ohio (7 pp) Dana C. Savage Jr. 7/2-p 193
Excavated with other artifacts in 1860 during excavation of the "Great Stone Stack."

Numerals and Epigraphy (7 pp) L. Lyle Underwood 7/2-p 200
Review of number systems and symbols used to represent numbers.

How Champollion Solved the Hieratic Script (2 pp) Barry Fell 7/2-p 208
Fell replies to criticism of his translations of Egyptian.

Ten Iberian Inscriptions (15 pp) Donal Buchanan 7/2-p 210
Buchanan published ten inscriptions as Semitic [but later he repudiated most if not all of these translations: he discovered the language for most of the Iberian inscriptions had to be Indo-European].

Anubis in Oklahoma (7 pp) Gloria Farley & Clyde Keeler 7/2-p 225
Report of the Anubis Cave and the inscriptions found there and elsewhere in Cimmaron River area.

Ogam-inscribed Gravestone (1 p) James P. Whittall II 7/2-p 232
Found on Skellig Michael off the coast of County Kerry, Ireland.

Cartouche of Shishonq in Spain (1 pp) Barry Fell 7/2-p 233
Engraved on an alabaster trade vase found in Tomb 16, Almunecar.

Ptolemaic Tetradrachm from Queensland (1 p)Barry Fell 7/2-p 234
Australian press reports coin found on Atherton Tableland, Queensland, Australia.

Libyan Anubis in Southern Spain (1 p) Barry Fell 7/2-p 235
Discovered on alabaster funerary vases in tombs at Almunecar, Southern Spain.

Silver Tetradrachm of Philip II in Montana: Coin Found - or Lost Coin? (1 p) Riley Sunderland 7/2-p 236
Found by a local rancher four feet below the surface.

A Possible Megalithic Calendar Site (4 pp) John H. Bradner 7/2-p 237
Shaped and inscribed stones found in a large site in the western Ramapo Mountains.

Minoan and Aegean Symbols at Driekopseiland, South Africa (2 pp) Maria Du Toit 7/2-p 241
Some ancient South African rock art may have been carved by Minoan or Aegean visitors in search of ore.

How the Egyptians Really Wrote (3 pp) Barry Fell 7/2-p 243
Neat published versions do not reflect the actual text properly.

Epigraphy of Three Sinai Steles (2 pp) Barry Fell 7/2-p 246
Mis-spellings parallel those on American examples.

On the Cover

The Sanctus of the Mass, as translated into the hieroglyphics of the ancient writing system of the Micmac Indians three centuries ago by Fr Pierre Maillard. See "The Micmac Manuscripts," p. 146. The lines read, left to right, "Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of-hosts, Heaven and Earth are full of splendor"


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