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Volume 4/2


Epigraphic Society Occasional Publications

Table of Contents, Vol. 4/2, 1977

Paper No.

83        Greek Place Names in South America (6 pp) Henriette Mertz 4/2-p 5
Villages in South America bear Greek names: witness to a history now lost.

84        Co a biad na Cruithnich? (5 pp) Aonghas mac Eanruig 4/2-p 11
He suggests that the Pictish language is non-Celtic. A graphic of the Aboyne Stele is shown, with a partial translation.
[Note: Buchanan has translated the inscription on the Aboyne Stele. It is in a basically Celtic language heavily larded with Anglo-Saxon and Old Norse loan-words. This and other Scottish Ogham inscriptions will be the subject of a future paper.]

85        Epigraphy on Medieval Coins (9 pp) Norman Totten 4/2-p 16
Characteristics of writing which developed along non-classical lines as shown from coins.

86        The Eye of God and the Agricultural Grid (11 pp) Norman Totten 4/2-p 25
Concentrates on the two motifs found in New England and Iberia.

87        A Phallic Inscription in Western Mexico (2 pp) Donal Buchanan 4/2-p 36
A Tanit altar? Vindication of a similar inscription found in Vermont.

88        Carthaginian Coins Found in Arkansas and Alabama (7 pp) Norman Totten 4/2-p 38
Coins reported to the Society by Gloria Farley are examined by Dr. Totten. Biographic information on Totten is given.

89        The Status of Arabian Archeology and Epigraphy (4 pp) Robert W. Lebling 4/2-p 45
A wealth of epigraphic and arch¾ological evidence lies waiting in the Arabian peninsula.

90        Linguistic Terminology, 1 (3 pp) Norman Totten 4/2-p 49
An introductory list of technical words relating to the study of ancient writings.

91        Pre-Islamic Libyans (6 pp) Harold S. Gladwin 4/2-p 52
Discussing the tribal makeup and extent of the ancient Libyan nation.

92        Takhelne, A Living Celtiberian Language (28 pp) Barry Fell 4/2-p 58
Substance of a lecture delivered 20 Nov 1976 at Hammond Museum, N. Salem, Westchester, NY.

93        The Pontotoc Stone (2 pp) Gloria Farley 4/2-p 86
Report on an inscribed stone found in Pontotoc County, Oklahoma.

94        Some Notes on Zuni (7 pp) George F. Carter 4/2-p 88
Discussion of Fell's finding that the Zuni seem to have North African connections and language.

95        Whence the Cuna Tree-of-Life Ceremony? (6 pp) Clyde Keeler 4/2-p 95
Cuna ceremonial and legend is much like those in Mesopotamia.

96        Amphorettas from Maine and Iberia (3 pp) Barry Fell & James P. Whittall II 4/2-p 101
Finds of amphorettas are tied to the Manana Island inscription deciphered by Fell (ESRS Bulletin, Fall 1976).

97        Patterns of Symmetry in Norse Inscriptions (9 pp) Alf Monge 4/2-p 104
An introduction to Runic Cryptography.

98        A Proclamation (1 p) Michael S. Dukakis 4/2-p 113
The Governor of Massachusetts proclaims 30 July 1976 as Viking Thanksgiving Day in honor of Leif Ericson and other Viking explorers.

On the Cover

A Carthaginian bronze coin minted about 350 BC, in imitation of silver dekadrachms of the Greek city of Syracuse, At least two examples have recently been found in the United States. Professor Norman Totten discusses their significance in article number 88.


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