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Volume 4/1


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Table of Contents, Vol. 4/1, 1977

Paper No.

77        The Minoan Language Linear A decipherment  (67 pp) Barry Fell 4/1-p 12 [In this section, the first number given below is the page number in the paper; the second is the page number in the volume.]
Fell holds that the Linear A Script reflects a language close to Hittite.

            Introduction 4/1-p 1 (12) 
Linear A Matrix
4/1-p 2 (13)  
Isomorphic Equations
4/1-p 4 Equations p. 4 (15)  
Paleographic Distribution of Signs p 8 (19)
Accidence Nouns
4/1-p 9 (20)
4/1-p 10 (21)
Vocabulary of Minoan Words in Linear A
p 11-40 (22-51)
Material Studied
4/1-p 40 (51)
Minoan Society
4/1-p 40 (51)
The Urban Centers
4/1-p 40 (51)
Government and Administration
4/1-p 41 (52)
The Agricultural Economy
4/1-p 42 (53)
The Wine Harvest
4/1-p 43 (54)
The Wheat Harvest
4/1-p 43 (54)
The Olive Harvest
4/1-p 44 (54)
Household Economy
4/1-p 51 (60)
Inscriptions on Drinking
Cups 4/1-p 53 Drinking Cups 4/1-p (62)  
Harvest Festival 1250 B.C.
4/1-p 54 (63)
The Omens p. 54
The Palace Inventories
4/1-p 54 (63)
Graffiti and Signatures
4/1-p 54 (63)
4/1-p 54 (63)
Various tablets & Decipherments
4/1-pp 55-65 (64-77)
Appendix: Layout of a Bronze Age Orchard 4/1-p 66 (78)
Nine Steps in the Decipherment of an Unknown Language in an Unknown Script Barry Fell
4/1-p 67 (79)
It is possible that these steps, in the proper hands, could be incorporated in a computer program.

78        Fell: A Letter from Hiram III, ca 540 B.C. (12 pp) Barry Fell 4/1-p 80
Reprint of a December 1973 paper. Fell holds that Minoan, Paphian, and Etruscan are inter-related languages of the Anatolian group.

79        Fell: The Phaistos Disk ca 1600 B.C. (17 pp) Barry Fell 4/1-p 92
Reprint of a paper published in December 1973 about the decipherment of a bifacial ceramic tablet, the Phaistos Disk, in the Herakleion Museum.

80        Fell: A Dialect of Minoan from Cyprus (5 pp) Barry Fell 4/1-p 109
Reprint of a December 1973 paper identifying a Minoan dialect in Cyprus reflected in Cypriot inscriptions.

81        A Text to Change the History of the World (3 pp) Reuel A. Lochore 4/1-p 115
This article on the work of Barry Fell originally appeared in the New Zealand Listener. Biographic information is given on Dr. Reuel Lochore, linguist & former New Zealand ambassador to Bonn. He was educated in various New Zealand and German Universities and holds a PhD in language & logic. He specializes in Anatolian languages.

82        Phaistos Disk: The Oldest Printed Text. (5 pp) Norman Totten 4/1-p 118
Reports on the Phaistos Disk (found in Crete; now in Herakleion Museum).

On the Cover
Harvest Festival, 1450 BC (See p. 54, no 77).


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