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Volume 2/2


Epigraphic Society Occasional Publications
Table of Contents, Vol. 2/2, 1975

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34        Libyan Visitors to Scandinavia in the Early Bronze Age (3 pp) Barry Fell 2/2-p 1
A Swedish bronze age rock engraving carries an inscription in the Libyan (Mauri) language.

35        Place Names as One Key to Prehistoric Vocabularies (2 pp) Norman Totten 2/2-p 4
The reconstruction of extinct languages through the etymological analysis of place names.

36        Indo-European Roots in Two Ancient Maori Inscriptions (1 p) Linus Brunner 2/2-p 6
Discusses the derivation of certain words found in an inscription from Java deciphered by Fell.

37        Egyptian Influence in Hawaiian Petroglyphs (9 pp) Ruth K. Hanner 2/2-p 7
She gives examples from Luahiwa, Lanai, Hawaii. She believes them to be Egyptian or produced under Egyptian inspiration. Biographic information is given on the author, a Founding Fellow of  The Epigraphic Society.

38        An Ancient Maori Text in Libyan Script from Otaki, New Zealand (9 pp) Barry Fell 2/2-p 16
It is a Marama-taka (Fishing Calendar). Maori content of 30 lines of ancient Libyan script.

39        Protosanskrit, A Bronze-age Language of Mohenjo Daro (32 pp) Barry Fell 2/2-p 25
Fell tackles the Indus Valley script as depicted on seals (Fell first attacked this problem in 1973).

40        Some Remarks on Protosanskrit (2 pp) Linus Brunner 2/2-p 57
Notes sent to Fell enlarging on the etymology of words on the Indus Valley seals.

41        Cultural Comparisons and Diffusions (7 pp) Norman Totten 2/2-p 59
Definitions and use of terms: ethnographic analogy, cultural diffusion, independent invention, etc.

42        East African Vocabulary in New Guinea and Polynesia (3 pp) Barry Fell 2/2-p 66
Comparative tables of Extra-Nilotic (Swahili) and Papuan (Mailu) vocabularies.

            A Neolithic Universal? (1 p) Barry Fell 2/2-p 68
Comparison of New Zealand Kuri with the Hausa kairre, kura; Lapp kuria; English cur; ON kurra; Celtic cu.

43        Iberian Inscriptions in Paraguay ca 4th c. B.C. (10 pp) Barry Fell & Erik P. Reinert 2/2-p 69
Inscriptions found on th walls of a cave at Cerro Guazu, Amambay, in northeast Paraguay. Fell says they are in the Ogham script, Punic Language.

44(l)    The Inscribed Stone from Comassakumkanit (3 pp) James P. Whittall II 2/2-p 79
An inscription found on Cape Cod south of Great Herring Pond, Bourndale, Massachusetts, known since about 1658.

44(2)   An Iberian-Punic Stele of Hanno (3 pp) Barry Fell 2/2-p 82
Fell deciphers the Comassakumkanit inscription left by Hanno, a Carthaginian explorer.

45       Epigraphy of the Susquehanna Steles (8 pp) Barry Fell 2/2-p 85
Decipherment of the Mechanicsburg (Susquehanna), PA, Stones. According to Fell they are in the Basque language and in the Iberic script.


The printing of this first edition was made possible through the generosity of Ruth K. Hanner


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