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Epigraphic Society Occasional Publications
Table of Contents, Vol. 2/1 1975

Paper No

            Foreword  (dedication to Harold Sterling Gladwin)  (1 p) Barry Fell 2/1-p 2

24        The Birth of a Society (4 pp) Norman Totten 2/1-p 4
A description of the founding of The Epigraphic Society (originally the Polynesian Epigraphic Society). Bio info about Totten on p 7.

            Officers of the Society (1 p) 2/1-p 7
Barry Fell (Pres.; Editor); Norman Totten (Vice Pres.); Rene Fell (Secy); and David Moynahan (Asst. Secy); Joseph Germano, Peter Garfall, Sentiel Rommel (Board Mbrs).

25        In Honor of Harold S. Gladwin (5 pp) George F. Carter & Barry Fell 2/1-p 8
Two fine scholars pen tributes to a great archľologist and innovative thinker.

            News and Correspondence - Members' Activities (14 pp) 2/1-p 12

            Letter: Honoring Jean Leclant 2/1-p 12
The friends of Jean Leclant celebrate his election to the Academie with a testimonial.

            Letter: The Epigraphical Society of India Opens Contact (1 p) Ch. Chhabra 2/1-p 13
President Chhabra has arranged for the Epigraphic Society to receive literature about Indian Society.

            Letter: Evidence of Egyptian/Libyan visitors to Bougainville Island. (1 p) Paul C. Johnson 2/1-p 13
Johnson, of Boroko in Papua New Guinea, reports the evidence exists in the unique carving styles of certain villages.

            Letter: 5th/6th Century AD C14 Dates from Easter Island. (1 p) Grant McCall 2/1-p 13
North African origin postulated for the inhabitants of Easter Island.

            Letter: Cooperation with the Academy of Applied Sciences (1p) Robert Rines 2/1-p 13
Groundwork laid for cooperation on an expedition to the West Irian Caves.

            Letter: Election of Patron (1 p) Barry Fell 2/1-p 13
Ruth  Hanner (of Kauai in Hawaii), a founding Fellow of the Society elected a Patron of The Epigraphic Society. Has a forthcoming book on Hawaiian Epigraphy.

            Letter: Egyptian Coins in Australia (1 p) Margaret Carnegie 2/1-p 13
Coin of Ptolemy IV found near Cairns; others mentioned as in Mt. York Museum.

            Letter: Maui's Star charts and Navigational Equipment. (1 p) Owen Gingerich 2/1-p 13
Material is under study by astronomers at Harvard College Observatory.

            Letter: Maui's Message Likened to Pioneer 10 plaque. (1 p) Carl Sagan 2/1-p 14
Comment by Sagan, of Cornell University, on the Maui message.

            Letter: McCluer Bay Expedition (re Maui) (p 1) Peter J. Garfall 2/1-p 14
Garfall & Christopher Cunningham w/Max Belcher, Julian Fell, Jan-Olaf Williams, plan to mount an expedition to the cave area of McCluer Bay.

            Letter: New publication on Indian Petroglyphs of the Pacific Northwest (1 p) Mrs. Conger 2/1-p 14
Indian Petroglyphs of the Pacific Northwest
by Beth & Ray Hill.

            Letter: Proposed New Museum at Madang, Papua, New Guinea. (1 p) Christine Holmes 2/1-p 14
Holmes, formerly an ethnologist at a museum in Wellington, New Zealand, writes from Madang about the museum and offers cooperation with the Society.

            New Members (2 pp) 2/1-p 14
List of new members since January 1975.

            New Fellows (elected January 1975) (1 p) 2/1-p 15
Dr. George F. Carter for contributions to epigraphy; Dr. Harold Sterling Gladwin for contributions to archaeology.

            Review: Culture-Historical Aspects of the Malayo- Polynesian Settlement in Ancient South-East Asia (1 p) Barry Fell 2/1-p 15
By R. A. Lochore: Hocken Lecture, 1973; Hocken Library, University of Otago, New Zealand, 28 pp, 1974. Infers an Anatolian origin for the Polynesian language & the Polynesians.

            Current activities of members (1 p) George F. Carter 2/1-p 16
He is continuing research in his accumulated files for Libyan inscriptions and directing attention to many US examples hitherto unknown.

            Current activities of members (1 p) Phyllis & Frank Donohue 2/1-p 16
Assisting in the preparation of a Libyan vocabulary based on materials reported in ESOP.

            Current activities of members (1 p) Julian Fell 2/1-p 16
Has undertaken a photo survey of New England inscriptions now attributable to Libyan voyagers of the 1st millenium BC.

            Current activities of members (1 p) Barry Fell 2/1-p 16
Continues decipherments of West Irian (Java) astronomical inscriptions; has begun work on New England & Mexican inscriptions; also Libyan from New Mexico.

            Current activities of members (1 p) Peter Garfall, Joseph Germano, & David Moynahan 2/1-p 16
Preparing photo records of material previously reported in older literature & making visual aids for lecture programs.

            Current activities of members (1 p) Bruce Henderson 2/1-p 16
Henderson, of New Zealand, undertook a preliminary investigatory trip thru coastal Taranaki in search of local epigraphic materials; also spread the word in the local press.

            Current activities of members (1 p) Albert Kalsbeek 2/1-p 16
Continues to work on the etymology of Polynesian roots; his wife, an initiate Tahu'a, is the Society's first associate member from Tahiti.

            Current activities of members (1 p) Gerhard Kraus 2/1-p 16
Publisher of the New Diffusionist. He plans to give much attention to the Society's activities. He is the Society's first member from Africa.

            Current activities of members (1 p) Ernst Klein 2/1-p 16
Has assembled an important slide collection of Scandinavian bronze age petroglyphs & other European materials.

            Current activities of members (1 p) Haris Lessaios 2/1-p 16
Sent Fell an interesting reproduction of a Coptic text held at Yale.

            Current activities of members (1 p) Sentiel Rommel 2/1-p 16
Trained in navigation & engineering, he is reconstructing Maui's navigational gear on the basis of Maui's drawings & Fell's decipherments.

            Current activities of members (1 p) Dennis Stone 2/1-p 16
He combines astronomical & editorial interests and serves as an effective link between epigraphers & scientists in Hawaii.

            Current activities of members (1 p) Helen J. Stuart 2/1-p 16
Sends historical details re her ancestress, Motoitoi, a chieftainess of the Ngai Tahu in New Zealand. Her genealogy goes back to the 14th century.

            Current activities of members (1 p) Norman Totten 2/1-p 16
Visited Peru, Galapagos, Ecuador and Brazil during January 1975.

            New Members (1 p) 2/1-p 17
List of new members since March 1975.

            Letter: Tribute in honor of Harold S. Gladwin (1 p) Thomas E. Lee 2/1-p 17
A tribute in honor of Dr. Harold Sterling Gladwin by the editor of The Anthropological Journal of Canada, writing from the Université Laval, Quebec.

            Letter: Agreement with Fell (1 p) Linus Brunner 2/1-p 17
A professor, of Sankt Gallen, Switzerland, he largely agrees with Fell on Polynesian etymology & its affinities w/Indo-European & Semitic.

            Letter: Comparisons between Maori & Semitic letter-forms (2 pp) Adele Schafer 2/1-p 17
Makes interesting comparisons between Maori letter forms, variants of ancient Hebrew & related Semitic.

            Letter: Harvard Anthro/Archaeology Professor Comments (1 p) Michael E. Moseley 2/1-p 18
Fell spoke to his class. While doubtful of some of Fell's interpretations, he thanks Fell for an excellent presentation & wants him back next year.

            News Item: Astronomical Publication Embarrassed by Fell (1 p) Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 8 March 1975 2/1-p 18
Reports that the Bishop Museum & the Hawaiian Astronomical Society were embarrassed by pro-Fell articles in Astronews. Future Fell articles will be banned (Dennis Stone is editor of Astronews).

            Letter: No Ban in Fiji (1 p) Gavin J. A. Kerr 2/1-p 18
Wrote a book in 1970 titled Fiji in the Pacific for pupils in Fiji schools to use. Asks permission to use Fell's maps & decipherments re Maui's expedition to further instruct Fijian students in their history.

            Letter: New Zealand Artist to study Maori-Bedouin chin tattoo similarities (1 p) Mildred Spalton 2/1-p 19
Auckland artist Kristin Zambucka to go to Egypt to study female chin tattoos (worn by Maori and Bedouin women).

            Letter: Cave inscriptions in the Yasawas Group, about 80 miles NW of Viti Levu (1 p) George T. McGann 2/1-p 19
Mrs. K. E. D. Chitty, of Mosman, New South Wales, reports that the inscriptions, once thought to be Chinese, may instead be Libyan.

            Letter: Unusual Tapa Pattern from Samoa (1 p) Roma K. Miller 2/1-p 19
A design on an ancient Tapa cloth that has been in her possession since 1938 appears to represent papyrus and lotus according to a UNESCO scholar.. It has been photographed for National Museum records.

            Letter: Academy of Applied Sciences support for Society work (1 p) Robert H. Rines 2/1-p 20
The President of Academy supports the work of Society member Peter Garfall, putting him in touch with Charles Wycoff & Harold Edgerton.

            Letter: A Maori Chief Agrees with Fell (1 p) Berthold E. S. Fraser-Collins (Te Taneatua) 2/1-p 20
An honorary Maori chief agrees that probably several Egypto-Libyan expeditions took place. Chinese reached New Zealand too, but later.

            Letter: A New Zealand Whakapapa (1 p) Helen J. Stuart 2/1-p 21
Her Maori genealogy back to the 14th century.

            Letter: A Writer on Maori History Comments on Fell's Work (1 p) Albert E. Tonson 2/1-p 22
A well-known writer in New Zealand, he wrote Old Manukau (1966). He suggests that Libyan visitors intermarried with existing islanders.

            Letter: Scholar Wants to Meet Fell (1 p) Martin De Vries 2/1-p 23
The writer, of the Bureau of Educational Research, University of Nairobi, is very interested in meeting Fell during a planned visit to Boston.

            Letter: A Nigerian Writer on Diffusionism Comments on Fell's work (1 p) Gerhard Kraus 2/1-p 23
He wrote an article for The New Diffusionist (#15, 1974) titled: G. Elliot Smith & W. J. Perry on Trial . He is preparing an article for that publication on Fell's work.

            Letter: Fell Deals with the "Unclassified Residuum" of Science (1 p) C. E. Joel 2/1-p 23
Joel, Editor of The New Diffusionist, has worked with British diffusionists G. Elliot Smith & W. J. Perry for many years so he has a natural inclination to approach such subject sympathetically.

            Fell Responds to Un-named Reader (1 p) Barry Fell 2/1-p 23
Fell explains why he regards Libyan as an "Afro- Asian language."

            How Could Ancient Egyptian Ships Cross the Indo-Pacific? (1 p) Barry Fell 2/1-p 24
Fell responds to an anthropologist's challenge by referring to his publication, Life, Space and Time, 1974, pp 141-142.

            New Fellows Elected (1 p) Barry Fell 2/1-p 25
New Fellows of the Society were elected by unanimous vote of the Council (later called the Board) of the Society: Prof. Dr. Linus Brunner (Switzerland), Dr. Reuel Lochore (New Zealand), Dr. Ch. Chhabra (India).

            The Early Sites Research Society (ESRS) (1 p) Barry Fell 2/1-p 25
The two societies have developed cordial relations and cooperation on a broad front. ESRS issues a Bulletin. Its Editor is William B. Nisbet. Founder and Archeological Director of the ESRS is James P. Whittall II.

            Lectures in Massachusetts (1 p) Barry Fell 2/1-p 25
In April 1975, Fell addressed the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute on epigraphy and early Iberian & Libyan voyages. Early in May he spoke again to a meeting of the ESRS.

26        Mailu, an African Language of New Guinea (20 pp) Barry Fell 2/1-p 26
Mailu, spoken in southeastern Papua, New Guinea, is identified as a partly creolized member of the group of African tongues now spoken in the Upper Nile Valley in the region of Lake Victoria. Fell suggests that Nubian gold-miners (slaves of the Egyptian Ramesides) came to Sumatra and, when the mines were abandoned c. 1000 BC, established settlements in New Guinea and New Britain.

27        Egyptian Gold-seekers and Exploration in the Pacific (10 pp) George F. Carter 2/1-p 46
Abbreviation and translation of H. Quiring's Die Goldinsel des Isador von Sevilla, Aegypter der 20 Dynastie Als Entdecker und Kulturbringer in Ostasien. Bibliography on page 55.

            Biographic Information on Dr. George Carter (1p) Barry Fell 2/1-p 54
One of the world's leading geographers, Dr. Carter teaches at Texas A&M University. He is a Fellow of the American Geographical Society.

28        An Ecliptic Rebus by Maui (2 pp) Barry Fell 2/1-p 56
The rebus was found adjacent to a depiction of a torquetum (an early navigational instrument invented by Eratosthenes) in a cave in Sosorra, West Irian, by the Frobenius Expendition of 1937-1938. It was published by Josef Röder as R3179 in 1959. Sentiel Rommel cooperated with Fell (whose translation of the rebus is given) and reconstructed the torquetum.

29        Maui's Tanawa — a Torquetum of 232 B.C. (7 pp) Sentiel Rommel 2/1-p 58
He illustrates the torquetum discussed in the previous paper and describes its use.

            Biographic Information on Dr. Sentiel Rommel (1 p) Barry Fell 2/1-p 64
He has a degree in science from the United States Naval Academy as well as a Masters in Engineering and a PhD from the University of Maine. He is a Fellow and a Founder of the Epigraphic Society.

30        An Ancient Polynesian Star Atlas of 232 B.C. Part 2 (4 pp) Barry Fell  2/1-p 65
Maui crossed equator in the late Summer of 232 BC. He left a map in a sea-cave in Egyptian hieroglyphics and Maori (Libyan) script.

31        Moses: Meaning in a Name (7 pp) Norman Totten 2/1-p 69
Derivation and versions of the Hebrew/Egyptian name, Mose(s).

32        Phonetic Mutation in Polynesian Languages (15 pp) Barry Fell 2/1-p 76
Reprint of a 1973 paper by Fell in which he claims to have solved the ancient Polynesian alphabet. He holds that modern Polynesian is derived from Libyan.

33        Egyptian Sprang Technique in an Arizona Textile (3 pp) Bucky King 2/1-p 91
The author notes examples of sprang technique similar to Egyptian in Peru, New Mexico and Arizona.


The printing of this first edition has been made possible through the generosity of Ruth K. Hanner


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