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Volume 27


Epigraphic Society Occasional Papers

Table of Contents, Volume 29


Officers of the Society p 2
General Comments, Donal Buchanan p 4

An Archaeologist Examines the Oklahoma Runestones, Lyle Tompsen p 5

Repy To An Achaeologist Barton J. Torbert .44 Eshmunazar Revisited, Richard Bishop p 59

Repeat-Letter Cipher in Islamic Talismans, Lloyd D. Graham p 70

The Kansas City (Slater) Rune Stone, James L Frankki p 92

Some Thoughts on the Davenport Sungod Tablet, James L. Guthrie p 104

On the Trail of the Arcontici, Norman Totten p 107

Were Ancient Egyptians the Solutreans Who First Settled America? Bill Tiffee p 111

Star-Studded Stones, C.J. Hancock p 124

Little-Known Information Relative to the Newport Tower, Norman Biggart p 145

In Memoriam
David H. Kelley (1924-2011), Wikipedia Obit, Steve Jett, Norm Totten p 148

Rod Lawson Schmidt (1945-2012) & Lisa Schmidt p 154

Info and Lettrs Received by the Editor Mr. & Mrs. R. Hornberger, Rene White, Greg Groebner, Lars Wiberg p 155

The Last Word
Siva Nataraja, Norman Totten p 159 Information for Authors (Inside back cover)

On the Cover

Gloria Farley and her sons at Heavener
Farley Family Photo


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