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Volume 27


Epigraphic Society Occasional Papers

Table of Contents, Volume 27


Officers of the Society (1 p) The Editors 27-p 2

The officers and Board members of The Epigraphic Society are listed and information is provided about them.

Pyrgi Revisited —The Awesome Phoenician Gold Plates Richard Bishop 27-p 6

Etruscan Origins: New Light on Old Problems Ed Robertson 27-p 12

Rachel Resurrexit: Decoding the Shepherd’s Monument Louis Buff Parry 27-p 23

Out of Epigraphy Comes Forth Kansas History Crystal Trickle 27-p 62

Decipherment of Inka Letters James Guthrie 27-p 66

Epigraphic Material of Interest in Northwest New Mexico Manton L. Botsford 27-p 73

Boats, Floods, and Chinese Influence in Great Basin Rock Art John H. & John A. Ruskamp 27-p 77

Runic Inscriptions in North America: An Interview with Dr. Richard Nielsen James Frankki 27-p 83

The Runes & Language of the Spirit Pond Stones and the Narragansett Inscription Can Be Found in Modern Books Richard Nielsen 27-p 94

Theories on the Hooked X Presented in ESOP, Volume 26 Richard Nielsen 27-p 111

There is No Grail Code on the Kensington Rune Stone Richard Nielsen 27-p 128

Review: Scott F. Wolter. The Hooked X: Key to the Secret History of North America Henrik Williams 27-p 139

The Awesome Dedication Required Richard Bishop 27-p144

Response to Scott Wolter: “The Hooked X.” ESOP 26, 2008 (17-19) James Frankki 27-p145

The Venus Alignments in the Newport Tower of Rhode Island, Wolter in ESOP Vol. 26 Richard Nielsen 27-p148

The Huron Stone Kevin Callaghan 27-p149

Who Was Lady Godiva? Norman Totten 27-p150

On the Cover

The Pyrgi Lamina


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