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Volume 26


Epigraphic Society Occasional Papers

Table of Contents, Volume 26


Officers of the Society (1 p) The Editors 26-p 2

The officers and Board members of The Epigraphic Society are listed and information is provided about them.

The President’s Message: Newport Tower Norman Totten 26-p 5

Journey Into Epigraphy Donal Buchanan 26-p 7

Jim Whittall’s Conclusions About the Newport Tower Niven Sinclair 26-p 9

Some Personal Comments on the Newport Tower Donal Buchanan 26-p 12

Venus Alignments in the Newport Tower of Rhode Island Scott Wolter 26-p 13

The Hooked X Scott Wolter 26-p 17

The Inscriptions on the Goddess Stone from Onteora (Land in the Sky) Zena Halpern 26-p 20

Proposed Decipherment of a Theban Inscription on the “Goddess Stone” Donal Buchanan 26-p 34

Ancient Visitors and Settlers in the Americas—A Commentary on Barry Fell’s America BC Neil DeRosa . 26-p 37

An Early Greek Amulet with Ogham: Origins of an Ancient Script James Guthrie 26-p 44

Passing the Texts: From Script to Print Richard D. Flavin 26-p 49

PID 228, Reported to be a Raetic Inscription Donal Buchanan 26-p 65

Some Thoughts on the Decipherment of Scholastic Ogham Donal Buchanan 26-p 68

Interpretation of North American Rock Art John Ruskamp Jr. 26-p 110

An Introduction to Kansas Inscriptions and Archaeoastronomy Crystal Trickle 26-p 120

One More Interpretation of the Inscription on the Golden Ring of Ezerovo Valery Osipov 26-p 134

The Curious Findings of James V. Howe Jake Hopping 26-p 26-p 136

A New Look at an Old Petroglyph C.J. Hancock 26-p 143

Fell’s Decipherment of An Inscription in Istill County, Kentucky David Feldman 26-p 152

Jon Polansky at Age Eight Mira Skolnick Raisman 26-p 153

The Origin of the Maori Henry Broadbent 26-p 154

Famous Kensington Stone to Undergo Electronic Mapping Richard Nielsen 26-p 155

The Phaistos Disk —A 100-Year-Old Hoax? Jerome Eisenburg 26-p 156

The “Arrow Stone” of Acton, Massachusetts Daniel J. Kelly 26-p 157

Memorials A Tribute to Warren W. Dexter Donna Martin 26-p 158

George Read Murray Joseph A.P. Wilson 26-p 159

The Last Word All About A Worn-Out Coin Norman Totten 26-p 160

On the Cover

The Newport Tower


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