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Volume 25


Epigraphic Society Occasional Papers

Table of Contents, Volume 25


Officers of the Society (1 p) The Editors 25-pp 2

The officers and Board members of The Epigraphic Society are listed and information is provided about them.

A Lifetime of Discovery Julian Fell 25-p 8

A Life Worth Living Norman Totten 25-p 10

A Friend Remembered Donal Buchanan 25-p 10

Two Previously Unpublished Inscriptions Barry Fell & Gloria Farley 25-p 11

Gloria Farley, Barry Fell and the Role of the Amateur in Intellectual Advancement Julian Fell 25-p 12

Pre-Columbian Transoceanic Contacts: The Context of Alleged Old World Inscriptions Stephen C. Jett 25-p 13

Mayan Pottery Heads: Evidence of Pre-Columbian Diffusion? Dana Chandler 25-p 18

Report on Two Inscribed Stones Found in the Catskills Zena Halpern 25-p 24

Announcement: Gloria Farley Publications Incorporated Bart Torbert 25-p 28

The Catskill Mountains Inscription Scott F. Wolter 25-p 29

The Stone Balls of Costa Rica Marshall Payn 25-p 32

These Stones with Holes Have More to Tell Judi Rudebusch & Valdimar Samuelsson 25-p 33

Introduction to Researching the Raetic Language Alfred Toth 25-p 39

The “Method of Internal Combination” and the Reconstruction of Raetic Alfred Toth 25-p 43

The Raetic Inscriptions: First Edition With Translation and Bibliography Alfred Toth & Linus Brunner 25-p 45

More Newly Identified Raetic Inscriptions Alfred Toth 25-p 54

Comment on CIE 5007, An Etruscan Sepulchral Inscription Donal Buchanan 25-p 58

Linguistic Evidence Linking the Algonquin Language to the AfroAsiatic Language Family John Thomas Fuhler 25-p 59

Inca and West African Letters James Guthrie 25-p 76

Mi’kmaq Shorthand? Richard D. Flavin 25-p 82

Meeting of the Hero Twins Mark Watts 25-p 96

The Iconography of the Great Pyramid Todd Greaves 25-p 115

The Shaman’s Crossing Mark Watts 25-p 123

The Pattern or “Periodic Table” of the Alphabet Robert L. Birch 25-p 130

R.L. Birch Obituary John Birch 25-p 131

The Phoenicians and Longitude David A. Crowder 25-p 132

Comment on Runic 8011, Roskilde Cathedral II, A Graffiti Inscription from Sjaelland, Denmark Donal Buchanan 25-p 135

A Suggested Decipherment of the Hovenweep Inscription Donal Buchanan 25-p 136

Some Thoughts On An Inscription from Brazil Donal Buchanan 25-p 138

A Mysterious Inscription from Italy Enrico Calzolari & Davide Gori 25-p 144

Inscription on a Statue in San Agustin, Colombia David Crowder 25-p. 145

The Blaine Stone Lance Wonders 25-p147

Artist Researches Petroglyphs in Hawaii Aelbert Clark Aehegma 25-p 148

An Enquiry from Bethlehem Moin B. Halloun 25-p 148

An Old Hebrew Inscription from Wadi el-Hol (Errata) James R. Harris 25-p 149

On the Cover

The late Gloria Farley, surrounded by images of the wonderful inscriptions and petroglyphs she personally found or publicized. After the Society’s founder, Barry Fell, she was a prime mover in the Society’s efforts to open up the study of epigraphy to the public.


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