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Volume 22/2


Epigraphic Society Occasional Papers

Table of Contents Volume 22 Part II, 1994


The Spirit Pond Runestones

A Study in Linguistics (64 pp) by Paul H. Chapman


After an introduction in which he reviews the history of some Scandinavian inscriptions found in North America, Chapman gives a favorable review of the work of Donal Buchanan on the Spirit Pond Stones. He also covers work done by Einar Haugen and egregious errors made by Erik Wahlgren. He then goes on to provide his own translation of the stones.


Preface 22/2-p. iv


1. The Ultimate Crossword Puzzle 22/2-p 1

            The Kensington Misdirection           

            Donal Buchanan's Work           

            Wahlgren's Fantasy           




2. The Mapstone, A Challenge 22/2-p 9



            Mapstone Reverse


            Meeting with Dr. Einar Haugen

            Linguistic Time Frame

3. The Amulet, A Love Story 22/2-p 21

4. Three Steps to Translation 22/2-p 23



5. H E L P ! 22/2-p 27

            Evidence from Elsewhere

            A Trip to Iceland

            Help from Greenland

            Help from Denmark

            Help from Norway

6. Toward Agreement 22/2-p 35

            Final Breakthrough

7. The Memorial, A Saga in Stone 22/2-p 39



            Possible Error

            Those Strange Macrons

8. Also a Christian 22/2-p 49

9. Finally 22/2-p 51


10. Why Maine 22/2-p 55

            Postscript 22/2-p 56

            Notes 22/2-p 57

            Bibliography 22/2-p 59

            Index 22/2-p 60


On the Cover

The title, Spirit Pond Runestones, is set forth in Norse runes.



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