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Volume 20/2


Epigraphic Society Occasional Papers

Table of Contents, Volume 20/2, 1991


The Decipherment of Southwest Iberic (104 pp) by Donal B. Buchanan

Buchanan deciphers sepulchral inscriptions found in the Algarve area of Portugal. They are in a Celtic language and refer to the people there as “men of Conn.” The script has clear connections to the orthography of the Eastern Mediterranean. The inscriptions may date to as late as the first or second century AD.

(With the exception of the Introductory Remarks, this work is organized into nine parts or chapters with chapter-relevant paging throughout.)

Introductory Remarks 20/2-p ii

Locale: The Land and the People Part I

The Script: Its Relationship with Other Mediterranean Scripts and Assignment of Sound Values Part II

The Decipherment Part III

Conclusions and Acknowledgements Part IV

The Inscriptions Part V

Line-by-line Transcription of the Inscriptions Part VI

Line-by-line Translation of the Inscriptions Part VII

Dictionary of Cognates Part VIII

References (arranged by author and numerically) Part IX



Map 1: The Pre-Roman Cultures of Iberia 20/2-p I-1

Map 2: Iberia (Spain & Portugal) Showing Epigraphic Sites 20/2-p I-2

Map 3: Celtic Movements into Iberia 20/2-p I-3

Map 4: General Distribution of Epigraphic Sites in Iberia 20/2-p II-1

Map 5: Locations of Inscriptions in Southwest Portugal 20/2-p II-3


Table l: Form & Value Comparison of Mediterranean Alphabets 20/2-p II-2

Table 2: Sound Values Assigned to Southwest Iberic by  Various Scholars 20/2-p II-4


Graphics of Individual Inscriptions 20/2-pp V-1 thru V-43

On the Cover

A photograph of Bensafrim V (see page V-12).


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