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Table of Contents, Vol. 12/1, 1984

The Petroglyphs of Prado da Rodela, Portugal (4 pp) Joaquim Rodrigues dos Santos Jr. 12/1-p 9  

Reports on pre-Roman linear markings by a spring in Mogadouro, Tras-os-Montes Province (near Galicia), Portugal.

The Galician Ogam Consaine Inscription at Prado da Rodela, Northeast Portugal (6 pp) Barry Fell 12/1-p 13  

Fell translates the Ogam in Mogadouro. He cites a letter from Pliny the Younger.

Why Study Human Origins? (5 pp) Raymond Dart 12/1-p 19  

Dart's address to the Leakey Foundation on the fiftieth anniversary of his discovery of Australopithecus, 1974.

Ancient Petroglyphs of South Africa (5 pp) Credo Vusamazulu Mutwa 12/1-p 24  

A Letter from a noted Zulu scholar and witchdoctor to Brenda Sullivan, Society member in South Africa.

An Ancient Arabic Guide to Ogam on a Sacred Tablet from Zambia (3 pp) Barry Fell 12/1-p 29  

It depicts a complete consonantal sign system of Ogam including the vowels and dipthongs, with certain Egyptian signs.

An Ogam Phallus from Britain (1 p) Barry Fell 12/1-p 32  

Fell's decipherment of an inscription from Britain (provenance given elsewhere by James Whittall).

An Ogam Consaine Inscription from Kashiba, Nara Prefecture, Japan (6 pp) Masuhiro Yoneyama 12/1-p 33  

A possible incantation inscription written in Old Japanese.

Frontiers of Understanding (20 pp) Norman Totten 12/1-p 39  

A highly condensed statement of epistemology, intended to be an appendix to Totten's planned book, Before History.

Pre-Colombian America – Developing a Valid Model (6 pp) Norman Totten 12/1-p 59  

A challenge to the model of radical isolation currently guiding much archaeological research.

The Bronze Age Cult of Thunder Gods (6 pp) Barry Fell 12/1-p 65  

Ancient inscribed artifacts are deciphered by Fell. He identifies the scripts as pre-Italic perhaps Thraco-Illyrian or Phrygian in origin.

Etruscan Was Not Semitic (2 pp) Linus Brunner 12/1-p 71  

He defends Fell's view that Etruscan is an Indo-European language related to Hittite.

The Extent of Nabataean Sea Power (3 pp) Robert Lebling 12/1-p 73  

The Nabataean Arabs had a greater maritime capability than is generally realized.

A Fifteenth Century Recipe for Beer (9 pp) Donal Buchanan 12/1-p 76  

Translation of a marginal inscription found in the Book of Ballymote. Buchanan believes the language is either Scots Gaelic or a dialect of Irish close to that language.

A Stone Masonry Tunnel and Underground Chamber in Central Ohio  (6 pp) Victor & Beverly Moseley 12/1-p 85  

Discovered near Greer, Holmes Co., Ohio, it has many earmarks of Celtic engineering.

An Ogam-inscribed Artifact from New York State (3 pp) James L. & Robert G. Guthrie 12/1-p 91  

A hand-molded, weather-hardened clay object found in Keuka Park, New York. Fell called it a fisherman's votive tablet carved with right to left in Ogam and translated the Celtic as: "I pray for a trout, O Mabo!"

Ancient Celtic Water Cult: Its Significance in British History (4 pp) Alban Wall 12/1-p 94  

Special attention is given to a site in Holzhausen, Germany, dated to Celtic La Tène culture (c. -550 to -15 BC).

Celtic Augurs and Canada Geese (10 pp) Barry Fell 12/1-p 98  

A site on Milk River, Alberta, Canada, has hundreds of Ogam and other inscriptions.

In Memoriam - Jay Stonebraker (1 p) Donal Buchanan 12/1-p 107  

Announcement of the death of Jay Stonebraker, 27 Aug 1983, first President of what became the Mid-Atlantic Epigraphic Society.   

The Society’s Seal (1 p) Barry Fell 12/1-p 109  

Its central feature is the Colorado swan-ship discovered in 1978 by a group led by Gloria Farley.

An Ogam Consaine Inscription at Royalton, Vermont (7 pp) Elizabeth Sincerbeaux, Warren Dexter, & Barry Fell 12/1-p 110  

An inscribed stone discovered Dec 1982. Fell reads the Ogam Consaine inscription using Old Irish. 

The Ogam Coinage of the Gauls (1 p) Barry Fell 12/1-p 116

Shows a picture of a coin with an Ogam inscription, to be discussed in a forth-coming issue.

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