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Volume 11/1


Epigraphic Society Occasional Publications

Table of Contents, Vol. 11/1, 1983

Cup-and-ring glyphs (1 p) Lionel Atkinson & Bart Henson 11/1-p 9  

British stones associated with Beaker graves c. 2200 BC.

Petroglyph Articles Stir Worldwide Interest (2 pp) Arnout Hyde Jr., Robert Meyer, Warren Cook, et al 11/1-p 10

Communications from scholars praising Fell's work on the Wyoming County, West Virginia, petroglyph.

The Dunan of Stoer (2 pp) Barry Fell 11/1-p 12  

Pictures of a Celtic broch seen and photographed by Fell in Assynt, Sutherland, Scotland.

Did a Roman Ship reach Brazil in Antiquity?  (8 pp) Robert F. Marx 11/1-p 14  

Three Roman Amphorae were found in the Baia de Guanabara by Josť Roberto Teixeira in June 1976.

Ogam Discoveries in West Virginia (1 p) Arnout Hyde Jr. 11/1-p 22  

Fell cites Arnout Hyde Jr. as Associate Editor for this issue and for his fine photography and editing in Wonderful West Virginia magazine.

A Message from the Past (6 pp) Robert L. Pyle 11/1-p 23  

Strange carvings and inscriptions found in West Virginia and Ohio (the Wyoming County, West Virginia, petroglyph, the Grave Creek Stone, the Decalogue Tablet). Biographic material is provided on Robert Pyle.

Light Dawns on West Virginia History (8 pp) Ida Jane Gallagher 11/1-p 29  

More on the Wyoming County, West Virginia, inscription. Biographic material on Ida Jane Gallagher is provided.

Old Irish Rock Inscriptions from West Virginia (17 pp) Barry Fell 11/1-p 37  

Fell's decipherment of inscriptions from Wyoming and Boone Counties in West Virginia.

Paradigm Shifts (3 pp) James M. Peters 11/1-p 54  

An excellent examination of the structure of belief and the reasons it is difficult to change existing opinion.

The Ogam boar of Castulo (1 p) Barry Fell 11/1-p 56  

The symbol of the city of Castulo (used on coins) bears an ogam inscription: C-S-T.

Commentary (2 pp) David M. Radloff 11/1-p 57  

Radloff comments on the quality of criticism received by Dr. Fell (critics quoting critics, etc.).

Foulis Wester (4 pp) Barry Fell 11/1-p 58  

Standing stones located on a moor in Perthshire, Scotland.

A Gadelic Word List (16 pp) Burrell Dawson 11/1-p 62  

Lists of Celtic words illustrating Goidelic roots compiled from papers in ESOP and other writings by Dr. Fell.

The Naiman Tribes of the Kutchin (25 pp) Ethel G. Stewart 11/1-p 78  

Maintains that most of the Kutchin (Dene) tribes came from the Uighur Kingdom of Turfan in present-day Sinkiang.

A Hieroglyphic Bill of Account (4 pp) David Radloff & Barry Fell 11/1-p 102

An Indian blacksmith in Wisconsin submitted a bill using hieroglyphs over a hundred years ago.

On the Cover

A graphic of the Seal of the Society is shown. The title of the volume is given: Celts of West Virginia.


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