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Volume 10/1


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Table of Contents, Vol. 10/1, 1982

Rhaetic Inscriptions (4 pp) Linus Brunner 10/1-p 9

He believes Rhaetic is related to Semitic. Here he uses Semitic to translate Rhaetic inscriptions.       

New Epigraphic Finds in Oklahoma and Colorado, Utah and Wyoming (4 pp) Gloria Farley 10/1-p 13

Reports on Ogam in western America and also the Wyoming Tablet (Fell deciphered the latter as Cypriot script and language).

The Bohuslän Culture (Bronze Age Norse) in North America  (13 pp) Barry Fell 10/1-p 17

Characteristic petroglyphs shared by Scandinavia and North America.

Roman Amphoras Discovered Near Rio de Janeiro (2 pp) Walter Sullivan 10/1-p 30

Sullivan, of the New York Times, writes of a discovery by diver Jose Roberto Texeira as reported by Robert F. & Jennifer Marx.

Stone Discs from North of England (5 pp) Lionel H. Atkinson 10/1-p 32

Examination of several hundred discs suggesting possible uses.

Addendum: Stone Discs at North American Archaeological Sites (1 p) Barry Fell 10/1-p 36

Some have ogam markings; one is shown and deciphered.

The Magic Flute – Birdstones Reconsidered (8 pp) Norman Totten 10/1-p 37

He suggests a ritualistic symbolic use of the birdstones.

Rhaetic Inscriptions in the Tyrol (3 pp) Linus Brunner 10/1-p 45

He suggests that the Rhaetic peoples borrowed Indo-European words.   

Ogam – A Precursor of Written Language? (4 pp) David Barron p 48

A specialist in speech pathology and language development examines the problem of a Megalithic written language.

The Elephant Mounds of Wisconsin (5 pp) David M. Radloff 10/1-p 52

Notes a reference to a camel mound in Wisconsin as well as elephants and mastodons.

Map of North America Petroglyph (1 p) Ruth Tipton & Bill McGlone 10/1-p 56

Authors suggest withdrawal of support for the petroglyph as a map; Fell concurs.

The Los Lunas Inscription (11 pp) L. Lyle Underwood 10/1-p 57

A history and description of the inscription with graphics from a photo by the author. Gives a script comparison and suggested translation.  

The Los Lunas Stone (6 pp) Donald Cline 10/1-p 68

Another look at the site's description and history. A transliteration of inscription is given.

A Decipherment of the Los Lunas Decalogue Inscription (8 pp) Jay Stonebraker 10/1-p 74

Transcription, transliteration and translation of the inscription by the author.

World Maps of Piris Reis (1513 AD), Oronteus Finaeus (1531 AD), and Gerardus Mercator (1538 AD) (4 pp) Gordon R. Freeman 10/1-p 82

Attempts to resolve problems in their interpretation.

Ptolemaic Finds in Australia  (1 p) Rex Gilroy 10/1-p 85

Australasian Post, 24 Dec 1981 and 28 Jan 1982 reports on Gilroy's finding of the heads of Mithras and Demeter as well as a ship glyph and a Ptolemaic coin.

Notes to Brunner's *SER-1 (5 pp) Marge E. Landsberg 10/1-p 86

Discusses the Indo-European root *ser-1 and cognates in Semitic, Malayo-Polynesian and Austronesian.

The Lost Manila Galleons (3 pp) Orville L. Hope 10/1-p 91

One Manila treasure galleon was wrecked off San Miguel Island, California, and another off Nahalem Spit, Oregon.

Petromantic Ogam of Conestoga, Pennsylvania (3 pp) Patrick M. McSherry 10/1-p 94

Natural "pseudo-ogam" deciphered by Fell: "to the libation bowl" or "make a libation bowl."

An Inscribed Boulder in the University of British Columbia Research Forest, Haney, British Columbia (2 pp) Bruce A. Macdonald 10/1-p 97

Fell suggests that the script is North Iberic and reads it using Semitic.

A Norse Runic Inscription from Dundee Creek, Maryland  (4 pp) Barry Fell 10/1-p 99

Fell reads the inscription as naming a "fishing place" -- appropriate for its locale.

A Norse Runic Inscription from Chesapeake Bay Area (4 pp) Brad O’Keefe 10/1-p 103

This inscription is read as: "Ferry."   

Short Reports and Letters to the Editor (9 pp) 10/1-p 107  

Charles Darwin and the Patagonian Stones (1 p) Marvin S. Wasser 10/1-p 107

Darwin noted heaps of stones on a mountain top in Uruguay similar to those seen in Wales.

Stephens County, Texas –An Ogam Cave Inscription (2 pp) Mike Kingston 10/1-p 107

Info from Mike Kingston of the Dallas Morning News. A graphic of the inscription is shown and Fell's decipherment given.

Saga America: The Map of North America (2 pp) L. J. Dewald 10/1-p 109

Investigation of the site determines that the "map" shown on the cover of Saga America is not a map at all; Fell agrees.  

An Ogam Consaine Inscribed Artifact from Windmill Hill, Wiltshire, England (2 pp) Charles Dailey & Barry Fell 10/1-p 110

Dailey brings the artifact to Fell's attention. Fell deciphers it using Celtic: B-YA-N M-T D-N D-M = Byanu mat, dion diom = "Good mother -goddess, a protection for me."

Choctaw and Cherokee Medical Touchstones (5 pp) John Moore & Barry Fell 10/1-p 111

Moore provided what appear to be two Amerindian touchstones bearing inscriptions. There is a long inscription on one and a shorter inscription on the other. Graphics of both are shown. Fell offers his translations of the inscriptions.

Rock Shelter Inscription, Jackson County, Kentucky, Engraved in Basque-Cree Syllabic Script, Shawnee Language (1 p) Larry Dean 10/1-p 114

Inscription shown and translated by Fell.

An Ogam-Inscribed Birdstone (1 p) Barry Fell 10/1-p 115

Found in Clarence H. Webb's account of artifacts excavated from Poverty Point, Louisiana; Fell translation given.

An Ogam-inscribed Pictograph in Carrizo Canyon, San Diego County (1 p) Barry Fell 10/1-p 116

The inscription shown (a poor photo) and Fell's decipherment given.

Two Inscribed Stones Found Near Shamokin, Pennsylvania, by Salathiel Derk (1 p) Barry Fell 10/1-p 117

Photographed by Larry Mulligan (no photo shown, but graphics are available). Fell offers a decipherment.

On the Cover

A graphic of the Seal of the Society is shown. The title of the volume is given: America's Links with Bronze Age Europe.


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