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Volume 1


Epigraphic Society Occasional Publications
Table of Contents, Vol. 1, 1974

Paper No.

1      An Egyptian Shipwreck at Pitcairn Island (3 pp) Barry Fell 1-p 3
Decipherment of an Egyptian (Libyan dialect) rock inscription from Pitcairn Island, Java, in the Pacific.

2      Polynesian Epigraphy -- A Report to the Society (2 pp) Barry Fell 1-p 6
Founding of The Epigraphic Society, 4 July 1974 as The Polynesian Epigraphic Society.

3      The Ancient Maori Votive Stele of the Pyramid of Ra on Mount Lavu in Eastern Java (6 pp) Barry Fell 1-p 8
Libyan script dated 304 AD.

4      Numerals on Ancient Maori Steles (8 pp) Barry Fell 1-p 14
Roman and Egyptian commerce with S. E. Asia.

5      Ritual of the Dawn: Fragments of Ancient Maurian Chants in New Zealand Maori (6 pp) Barry Fell 1-p 22 
Mithraic religion apparent in ancient Maori inscription

6      The bilingual Latin-Maori stele of Kaiu from Thullium (6 pp) Barry Fell 1-p 28
Tunisia: Numidian/Libyan script. Maori = Mauri = Moors.

7      The bilingual Latin- Maori stele of Rapa from Thullium (5 pp) Barry Fell 1-p 34
Numidian/Libyan & Amharic script.

8      The bilingual Latin-Maori stele of Fawasa, Priest of the Oracle of Rono (4 pp) Barry Fell 1-p 39
Tunisia Numidian/Libyan script.

9      The bilingual. Punic-Maori stele of Weka, from Bordj-Zoubia, near Oued-Meliz, Tunisia (4 pp) Barry Fell 1-p 43
Neo-Punic and Numidian.

10    Distribution of Ancient Maori Inscriptions written in Maurian (Numidian) script (4 pp) Barry Fell 1-p 47
North Africa to Polynesia.

11    The bilingual Latin-Maori. stele of Zakatutu from Thullium (3 pp) Barry Fell 1-p 51
Latin and Numidian/Libyan script.

12    Chronology of Ancient Maori Scripts (7 pp) Barry Fell 1-p 54
From @ 250 BC to 385 AD.

13    An Ancient Maori inscription from Dakumba, Fiji (6 pp) Barry Fell 1-p 61
From @ 250 BC.

14    Carthaginian and Other Graffiti from West Irian Caves (3 pp) Barry Fell 1-p 67
Carthaginian and other inscriptions in caves in West Irian.

15    Ancient Maori Mathematical and Scientific Hieroglyphs (4 pp) Barry Fell 1-p 70
West Irian and New Zealand.

16    The Treaty of Taranaki, a Mediaeval Stele of New Zealand (5 pp) Barry Fell 1-p 74
Numidian-Libyan script; Hawaikian dialect; stele dated to 1450 AD.

17    Newly Deciphered Naval Records of Ptolemy III (2 pp) Barry Fell 1-p 79
Western New Guinea; Libyan-Egyptian inscriptions c. 232 BC.

18    A Proposition by Eratosthenes, An Astronomer of the Delta Country (6 pp) Barry Fell 1-p 81
Inscriptions in Numidian script and Egyptian hieroglyphs found in caves in West Irian.

19    Maui on Eratosthenes An additional fragment from Sosorra (2 pp) Barry Fell 1-p 87
Inscriptions in a cave at Sosorra relating to Eratosthenes' calculations.

20    Correspondence (5 pp):
Letter: Conditions for membership. (1 p) Conger Williams
 1-p 89
Requests conditions for membership in The Epigraphic Society.

        Letter: Back numbers of Occasional Publications. (1 p) Harold S. Gladwin 1-p 89
Requests availability of back numbers of ESOP.

        Letter: Egyptian coins found in Australia. (1 p) Mrs. E. Dooner 1-p 89
Egyptian coins found in Australia allegedly dated to 4000 BP (questionable since no coins were struck in Egypt before 332 BC according to Norman Totten).

        Letter: Navigation equipment depicted in West Irian Caves. (2 pp) F. E. Bassett 1-p 90
Inscriptions in West Irian caves show early navigational equipment and connection to Egypt.

        Letter: Engraved rocks in New Zealand. (1 p) John C. Yaldwyn 1-p 91
Five sites on North Island; cave paintings on South Island

        Letter: Bronze Age trade routes from the Red Sea to Southeast Asia? (1 p) Edwin Doran Jr. 1-p 92
Study of boat types in the areas concerned show possible ancient trade connections between them.

        Letter: ESOP in Peabody Museum in Salem, MA. (1 p) Ernest Dodge 1-p 93

        Letter: ESOP in the National Museum of New Zealand. (1 p) Roger G. Chapman 1-p 93

        Letter: Undeciphered American Rock Inscriptions. (1 p) George Carter 1-p 93
Provides as yet undeciphered inscriptions from the Americas

        Letter: Egyptian hieroglyphs. (1 p) Charles Speel 1-p 93
Charles Speel, Chairman, Dept. of Religious Studies, Monmouth College (IL) comments on Fell's work

        Letter: Threat to the Moanalua stela "Pohaku ka Luahine." (1 p) Norman Totten 1-p 93
Largest free-standing petroglyph stone in Oahu, Hawaii, needs protection.

        Letter: Gift of petroglyph photographs by Hawaiian membership. (1 p) Ruth Hanner & John & Frances Holt 1-p 93
Photos given by Ruth Hanner, Chairman of the Petroglyph Committee.

21    The Polynesian Discovery of America 231 BC (8 pp) Barry Fell 1-p 94
A cave inscription in Chile which uses Libyan script.

22    An Ancient Polynesian Star Atlas of 232 B.C. Part 1. A Mariner's Guide to finding the Celestial North Pole. (6 pp) Barry Fell 1-p 102
West Irian inscriptions; Libyan and Egyptian scripts.

        Advertisement: Hawaiian Astronomical Society's Astronews article: The Egyptian Connection - Who Settled Polynesia? (1 p) Dennis Stone 1-p 105
Discusses West Irian finds.

23    Karl Stolp's Discovery of La Casa Pintada in 1885 (3 pp) Mina Brand 1-p 108
1885 report on inscriptions in cave in Chile (La Casa Pintada).

        Officers of the Epigraphic Society for 1975. (1 p) 1-p 110
Pres: Barry Fell; Vice-pres.: Norman Totten; Council: Peter J. Garfall, Joseph D. Germano, Sentiel Rommel; Secy: Rene Fell.

        Pohaku ka Luahine. (1 p) Barry Fell 1-p 111
Endangered Libyan inscription on Oahu reported in press (HI).

        Researcher says Hawaiians had written language. (2 pp) Dave De Leon 1-p 111
Facsimile reprint from Star-Bulletin; Honolulu, 10 Dec. 1974.


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