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Donal B. Buchanan29 leads off with well-written article by Archaeologist Lyle Tompsen examining the Oklahoma Runestones and giving his findings about them. It is noteworthy that Lyle became an archaeologist because he was inspired by the work of one of our own, the late great Gloria Farley. In response to his article, Bart Torbert has penned an excellent response in his "Reply to an Archaeologist." Richard Bishop follows withhis translation of the Eshmunazar Inscription, a Phoenician work dating back to the 5th century BCE. Lloyd D. Graham brings us a fascinating article titled "Repeat-Letter Ciphers in Islamic Talismans", discussing the Seven Seals (a series of glyphs representing the Greatest Name of God). James Frankki reports on the famous Kansas City (MO) runestone (sometimes called the Independence Runestone—apparently it is located somewhere between those cities). An old friend, Jim Guthrie, expresses "Some Thoughts On The Davenport Sun God Tablet." He is followed by Norman Totten's report titled "On The Trail Of The Arcontici", a people who created 57 limestone stelae found in 1961. They were covered with decorations which Totten interprets.

Tying in to the recent reports in newspapers about the Solutrean discovery of America, Bill Tiffee presents "Were Ancient Egyptians the Solutreans Who First Settled America?" Sounds fantastic, but Bill bases his findings on "longstanding archaeological and genetic evidence." This is a "don't miss" article! Larry Hancock steps in with "Star Studded Stones" in which he discusses astronomical relationships with New England's megalithic stone chambers. Norman Biggart follows with "Little-Known Information Relative to the Newport Tower". Norman is one of our oldest members and the information he provides is well worth reading.

The Memorial section recalls the lives of two friends of epigraphy who will be sorely missed: David Kelley well-loved archaeologist and epigrapher who worked closely with Michael Coe and others on the decipherment of ancient Mayan; and Rod Schmidt, the founder of the Equinox Project, a strong supporter of The Epigraphic Society. Ave atque vale!

The Correspondence Section contains interesting input from Mr. & Mrs. Hornberger of Alexandria, Minnesota, relative to the Kensington Runestone. It is was published some years back and not in ESOP (we actually don't know where it was published and if anyone knows, we'd appreciate knowing). Since our 2011 Fillers folder has disappeared, the rest of the letters date from 2012.

Gregory Groebner contacted us so as to get in touch with Julian Fell, looking for an article from him on epigraphy for a French publication. He also offered his services as a translator. A good friend finishes the Section with a wonderful reaction to the Society's DVD of issues 1-28 (provided by the editor). As a Norseman well-versed in his language, and as a friend, we value his opinions highly.

The President of The Epigraphic Society, Norman Totten, as usual has "The Last Word". This time he speaks of South Indian coins and also, more specifically, of images of Siva Nataraja, a godlike figure which is a "condensed symbolization of ancient Hindu metaphysics".

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